Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

How does a Congressman from rural Indiana, or Alabama, or any outsider, have the gall to tell the residents of Washington D.C. that they can’t pass reasonable restrictions on guns to lower crime and reduce violence in their own communities?

The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.

Gun zealots continually preach about government’s abuse of power. But that is exactly what the NRA and their puppets in Congress are doing.

The Gun Guys
September 10, 2008
The Gun Lobby’s War On Democracy and Local Control In D.C.
[Replace “gun” with “ni**er” and “NRA” with “NAACP” to see this in the proper light. These bigots appear to be unable to grasp the concept of individual freedom. In their small minds only government entities can have power. Power to oppress individuals is taken away from the local government and they can only think of it in terms of a power grab by the Federal government. I don’t believe these people can be reasoned with. They can only be politically defeated and destroyed.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

  1. Being a history buff of sorts it has always facinated me in the ways that truly horrible things have happened to people that do not know history.

    Take away a individuals ability to defend himself and that individual becomes a subject of the state.

  2. It was the same reaction during the abolition movement. “Who are those in the industrial North to tell us in the agrarian South how to run things? We need slavery here. Without it our whole economy would collapse”. States’ rights and all that. Never mind the Constitution; we want what we want. We’ll find a justification for it later.

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