Air travel with firearms

Something I did not know…

I received this on an email list I’m on:

From: Mike Brown
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 3:45 PM
To: LewistonPistol
Subject: [LPC] Air Travel with Firearms

For those of you who travel with guns, I received the following
response from TSA to my question as to whether I could use non-TSA
recognized locks (i.e. the little ones that they have the key for) on
my gun case.

“Passengers should not use TSA-recognized locks to secure firearm
cases.  Regulations state that the passenger must be the only one who
retains the key or combination to open the case.  TSA-recognized locks
on firearm cases do not meet this requirement.  If TSA needs to open
the case, the passenger must open it.”

They also have some photos on their website of do’s and don’t– cases
have to close securely (no being able to lift up an edge of the case
and see the gun.)

I bought several of those TSA-recognized locks so I would have some for my gun cases and now I find out that we are not to use them for guns. It makes sense but I’m not used to the TSA making sense so it is quite a surprise to me.

Here is the link Mike mentioned to the TSA requirements for firearms and ammunition.


One thought on “Air travel with firearms

  1. What color? Surely they have gun-case color code requirements, along with several pages of approved and un-approved manufacturers. And measurements– must have volumes of required measurements- one monthly publication of gun case specifications for each model and each variation of every existing firearm. I won’t feel safe until they do all this and more.

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