1st, 2nd, and 19th

McCain (and Feingold) did serious damage to our rights under the 1st Amendment, Barack Joyce Foundation Obama has worked hard to infringe our 2nd Amendment rights, and now there are Marxists anarchists for Obama suggesting repeal of the 19th Amendment because of Sarah Palin’s selection as the VP candidate.

The fight for freedom will never be completely won.

Update: Lisa says “anarchist” is a better match than “Marxist”. Sorry about that.


4 thoughts on “1st, 2nd, and 19th

  1. OMG! JOE! I wandered over to your webpage to see what a mostly smart gun guy had to say about all this Palin insanity. I’ve been getting some true yahoos leaving comments on my blog…. and then I take a look at yours and I think you might be sending them there! WTF? Marxists for Obama? I can’t remember calling myself a Marxist for Obama…
    Thanks for sending over the handsome loving gun people.
    Hope all is well with you in Idaho. Thought you might know Ms Palin from her days getting her undergraduate degree in your fair state, but afraid to look too much at your blog as I might find other links back to myself.
    Fun election, eh?

  2. Lisa, I thought you told Ry and I Marxism was the closest match to your political philosophy. Sorry if I misremembered or things have changed. If I’m off base with that comment let me know I’ll change it.

    Palin attended the University of Idaho where our home is. And she was born in Sandpoint where we lived for a couple years. But none of our time in the state overlapped hers.

    I think the only other link to your blog is on the right column under the section “Bloggers I have met”.

  3. Did I say I was a Marxist? Well, that was awhile ago…
    But the way you wrote it made it sound like an official organization! And I was just thinking today of starting Kittens for Obama, because I think my cats might want a voice… Like Obama, they had a teenage mother so they have that in common. (And of course they are communists since they share their food and litter box.)

    Anyhow, good to hear from you and thanks for the invite to Blogger Day at the range. I can’t believe I’m the only member of the mainstream media to mix explosives! Of course it would be fun to do it again. I’ve been wanting to get back up to that beautiful land since the last time I was there. I don’t think I’ve had 100 posts about guns yet this year, but there is still time.

    Maybe it’s time for a trip to the LA Gun Club….

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