Quote of the day–Elliott Greenblott

Agree with me or not, the Second Amendment hinges on the necessity of a militia (National Guard or Reserve) for the protection of our country; not as an excuse for anybody with a few extra dollars, a chip on the shoulder, or a grudge, to become an armed vigilante.

Elliott Greenblott

August 30, 2008
Letter to the editor of Brattleboro Reformer
[Ironically he goes on to compare the Heller decision to the Dred Scott decision. In the Heller decision the right of the people to bear arms and throw off tyrants who would make us slaves was confirmed. But the Dred Scott decision said certain people were slaves and could not sue for their freedom. And his basic underlying assumption that the “armed vigilante” was the conclusion of the Heller decision is totally without foundation. I can only conclude he has mental problems.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Elliott Greenblott

  1. Yeah, then the First Amendment is an “excuse” to commit fraud, form cults and start riots, the Fourth is an “excuse” to hide stolen goods, etc..

    We could generalize his statement by saying that liberty is an excuse for criminal behavior, and that therefore anyone favoring liberty is advocating crime. The flip side of that would be the notion that government monopoly, and preemptive government action against the citizenry, is the path to peace and security, if not happiness and prosperity.

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