Opportunities for moles

One of the things we talked about last night was how much harder it is for an anti-gun mole to penetrate the gun rights movement than the other way around. One of the reasons is it is much easier for us to speak their language than it is for them to speak ours. I’ve mentioned this general topic before but it’s worth reposting the gun portion:

…I worked on a political campaign to oppose a anti-gun initiative (I-676) a few years ago.  The people on the phone lines would tell stories about the anti-gun people that would call and try to get information about our plans.  You only had to ask one or two questions and the anti-gun people would, figuratively, fall in heap on the floor.  If the lines weren’t very busy then they would play with them for a few minutes and have more material for the story telling later that evening.  They would just ask something like, “What type of gun do you have?“  “What caliber is it?“  They would get answers like “Glock“ and “.357 Magnum“ (only revolvers shoot .357 Magnum and Glock doesn’t make any revolvers).  Or “Shotgun, I’m not sure who makes it, but it’s a 9mm.”  With a little bit of suggestive questioning you could get them to agree to the most incredibly outrageous things.  It was great sport making fun of the people that were trying to do us harm and now I realize that it can be more than just sport.


6 thoughts on “Opportunities for moles

  1. Pete Shields used to be perfectly welcome and was often introduced by “stand up and take a bow” – not a bad guy with the obvious difficulty but easier to feel some sympathy with than many others who really are some sort of deceitful and self deceiving hoplophobic idiot.

  2. We’ve heard their language all our lives. We grew up with it, heard it in school, saw it on TV, in the movies and on the news. Any gunner who’s been paying attention could walk into an anti-rights organization and do a good job faking it.

    They don’t understand our language even after you explain it to them repeatedly, regardless of whether the subject is gun-tech, shooting, American history or the Constitution.

    Also; the antis have far more to hide. They should be worried.

  3. i think there was also a LAR Grizzly in .357, but i’ve certainly never seen one, so…

  4. I noticed this as well. I can’t get over the bills being written in NJ, by people who know NOTHING about firearms. Makes me wonder if you can actually be against *whatever*, if you don’t know anything about *whatever*.

  5. Makes me wonder if you can actually be against *whatever*, if you don’t know anything about *whatever*.

    evidence suggests it’s actually a lot easier that way.

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