Quote of the day–Joseph A. Hauptman

Prostitution involves sex and free enterprise. Which of these are you opposed to?

Joseph A. Hauptman
Found at the beginning of Chapter 10 of Freehold.
[I’m not sure if this is a real person or a fictional character but it’s a great question.–Joe]


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  1. Put somewhat more crudely by George Carlin: “Selling is legal, f*cking is legal. Why isn’t selling f*cking legal?”

  2. >>Prostitution involves sex and free enterprise. Which of these are you opposed to?<< Gee, I don't know. How about --the risk of sexually transmitted diseases --the lack of emotional interaction between provider and client --the self-degradation --the historical record that seems to bear all of the above out? Dude, if you think sex with anybody is that great, why haven't you set yourself up as a prostitute? Why have you limited yourself to a single lovely attentive woman who values you enough to have married you and wanted to bear your children, which you have raised together? And why has most of the non-Christian-Judeo world been dumb enough to have followed your example? >>Prostitution involves sex and free enterprise. Which of these are you opposed to?<< "And a pony!" (Gratuitous libertarian philosophy reference)

  3. There is a big difference between outlawing an activity and partaking in it oneself. A lot of bad things can be said about professional boxing and even mud wrestling. I don’t participate even as a spectator but if people want to take those risks in a fully informed manner what business is it of the government?

    As for your specific points:

    The risks of STDs appear to be well controlled in legal Nevada prostitution. Beside that there are risk in all activities. Just going for a Sunday drive you run the risk of permanent injury or death for you and your family. The question to be answered is, “Is the benefit worth the risk?” That question is one to be answered by the individuals involved. Not the government.

    The emotional interaction may or may not be part of the bargain. What business is it of yours or the government to demand that all sex involve emotional interaction? I can’t speak from personal experience but I did talk to one provider (X for later reference) I happened to meet outside of her professional environment. I brought up this very point. X claimed she was very selective with her clients and only accepted clients she liked and could have an emotional connection with. I also have another data-point from a different provider (Y for later reference) that told me friends she had a connection with turned disrespectful once she charged them and provided the services they might have been hoping to get for free. I recently received a strong hint that another woman (Z for later reference) I know might have been “in the business” at one point. Sometime in a more private environment I plan to ask her about this very topic. From the context I fully expect her experiences were without emotional interaction. The question may well then be, “Did she think this lack of emotional interaction was harmful or just an unpleasant aspect of the job?”

    Self-degradation? For some, in some environments, I’m sure it is. But some jobs are pretty degrading too but the government doesn’t outlaw shoveling manure so deep you need knee high boots. So why the concern over this one profession?

    The historical record? I don’t understand your point. Please elaborate.

    As a heterosexual guy I could not possibly hope to make anywhere near as much money as I can as an engineer. I actually lamented about this a bit with X mentioned above. She was a successful engineer as well and quit her job due to job dissatisfaction. She lived on her savings for a few months and when asked by a friend, “What do you really want to do?” She responded, “I wish I could just fuck and get paid for it.” Her friend told her, “So why don’t you? How do you think I paid my way through medical school?” And so X started a new and apparently very successful career.

    I expressed my envy and said that wasn’t really an option for men. She agreed. She said a male friend of hers did jobs on weekends but barely got paid enough to cover expenses. His clients were almost all older and significantly overweight wanting very specific (and sometimes expensive) fantasies that required a lot of time and money to implement. As for Barb’s and my limits–we have limits. What those limits are is not for public consumption.

    As far as the “non-Christain-Judeo” statement… I wasn’t aware I had provided any example.

  4. I asked Michael Z. Williamson (author of Freehold) about the quote. His response:

    Joseph A. Hauptmann (correct spelling. The error was mine) is a former lawyer turned high school physics teacher and regular Libertarian candidate in IN, and one of the few who isn’t a frothing nutjob.

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