One thought on “Quote of the day–Jon LeVee

  1. I must be one mighty dangerous mo-fo. I truly believe I know what’s best for other people– freedom.

    John’s quote may need some minor modification;
    “In my mind there is no one who is as dangerous as one who truly believes that they can tell another emancipated adult how to live, and seek to force them into it.”

    or something like that. It doesn’t read as well, but I’m sure someone could fix it up a bit. If we try to distil it down to the nitty gritty;
    “In my mind there is no one who is as dangerous as a socialist.”

    But wait– what does my mind have to do with it? A fact is a fact, independent of what happens in my mind;
    “There is no one as dangerous as a socialist.”

    But that doesn’t quite perfectly identify the threat;
    “There is nothing as dangerous in society as a group of socialists.”

    (one of them all alone, who acts on his beliefs, is just a common criminal. One of them all alone who believes in socialism, but doesn’t act on it, is just funny. I added the “in society” bit so as make a distinction between a socialist clan and, say, a planet-killer asteroid or a super nova)

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