Quote of the day–Caleb of Call Me Ahab

I have had a tendency in my young life to occasionally run my mouth with abandon (my wife is shaking her head at that); however I have been fortunate in the majority of this situations to be able to back up my mouth with skill or plain old dumb luck.

The more I read Joe’s archives, the more I realize I’m going to need a lot of the latter to win our friendly wager.

Caleb of Call Me Ahab
July 15, 2008
Pride goeth…
[Caleb will be at Gun Blogger Summer Camp with me next month. In a long email thread among some of the bloggers with the subject “My dad can beat up your dad” Caleb ended up challenging me to a bet on our shooting abilities. I can only recall accepting two bets in the last 35 years (I won both). I just don’t bet unless I’m pretty close to certain that I’m going to win. This was the most risky bet I have accepted in the last 35 years. Based on the cards face up on the table I’ve got a better hand but one never knows until all the cards are turned over. That will occur on August 24th.–Joe]