Quote of the day–Steve Chapman

Presumptuous paternalists argue that Americans should be deprived of guns because gun owners are their own worst enemies. A lot of Americans would reply: We can’t trust ourselves, but we can trust you?

Steve Chapman
July 13, 2008
Is buying a gun a suicidal act?
[Nice! The other day Sebastian said we need to be ready to counter the suicide angle. I think this is excellent response.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Steve Chapman

  1. Projection: Sorry charlie, but most gun owners aren’t self-cutting Emo Retards like you.

    Basic Rights: Do you own your own body or not? If you do, then committing suicide should be a personal decision.

  2. But wait– to the anti gun Left, there are no such things as enemies. You can seldom even use the word without setting into fits of uncontrollable rage. We’re all one big Global Family, so what’s with this talk about enemies?

    Wait again– if we with our guns are our own enemies, why do the lefty loons want to disarm us? Shouldn’t they encourage our gun ownership, you know, so we’ll kill ourselves and rid them of our bitter clinginess once and for all, thereby restoring “Balance to the Force” or something? If my guns are mostly just dangerous to me, what are they bitching about? They can have their weed, communes in Guyana, LSD and Ecstasy if I can have my guns, explosives, and generally full liberty, i.e. complete non-interference in my life. Deal?

    No? Well OK, I’ll go along with Kristopher’s projection diagnosis. Or maybe wishful thinking. Or the act of desperately searching for a cogent thought to bolster their pre-conceived, bigoted notions.

    In addition to being very difficult, if not a contradiction in terms, to get into the mind of the mindless, it’s usually a waste of time. I don’t want to cure them. I just want them utterly powerless to do anything against our American liberties, like the Constitution promised. Is that too much to ask?

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