They are giving up

Don Kaul has written dozens of columns supporting gun restrictions. He now says he has given up:

I’ve given up on gun control. That battle is over. We’ve lost. I no longer think it’s an achievable goal and if I were a politician I wouldn’t lose an election over it.

It sounds as if he is still a bigot. He just isn’t going to advocate for legislation to support his bigotry. That’s good enough for now. Someone in his neighborhood should offer to take him to the range and offer him a chance to join the winning team.


One thought on “They are giving up

  1. If conversion fails, I’ll settle for relegating the anti gun bigots to the woodwork of society where they belong.

    Not everyone has to favor gun ownership. They just have to stay out of the way. That’s the only demand we place on them– get out of our faces.

    These people haven’t given up. They never do. They just a different tack.

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