I get interesting phone calls

Yesterday I received a call from Tim Woodward at the Idaho Statesman in Boise.

He said his column in the paper is about answering questions from the readers and he received a question about anvil launching. Was it an “Idaho thing?” A web search yielded Boomershoot and our anvil launches. He wanted to know more of the history. I told him what I knew and forwarded his email address on to the guy that does our anvil.

His column with the results of his research will appear on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “I get interesting phone calls

  1. We’ve got anvil shooters here in Kansas – the Kansas Anvil Shooters at Hutchinson is the main organization around these parts.

  2. i always thought it was a small-town, old-fashioned thing. something people did in farming towns when they wanted fireworks but couldn’t get or afford them, back in the days when every farming town had a blacksmithy and every farm had gunpowder. i’ll have to admit i don’t have any solid evidence for this, though, but i’ve heard of the practice from several different states, and usually (these days) in connection with reenactments of various sorts.

  3. I told him it originated in the south after the civil war when cannons and other toys associated with the celebration of the 4th of July were restricted. Someone came up with the idea of anvils and a tradition was born.

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