The director of the FBI and the courts

As Third Power, Say Uncle, Progun Progressive, and Dave Hardy have been pointing out our current FBI Director Robert Mueller “is not happy with the Supreme Court’s recent handgun ruling.”

But this isn’t the first time the Director of the FBI has acted as if he knew better than the courts. In 1995 there were hearings on the incident at Ruby Ridge. This was after Randy Weaver were acquitted of all charges except failure to show up in court (only Weaver, not Harris). Harris’s killing of Federal Marshal Degan was found to be justifiable homicide. Despite that jury finding FBI Director Louis Freeh repeatedly referred to Degan’s death as a murder. I recall, but can’t find the written transcript, him being called on this and responding something to the effect that he “fully respects the court system and abides by it. But Degan was still murdered.” If I could have jumped through the T.V. and grabbed him by the throat when he said that I would have. He cannot simultaneously respect the courts decision and claim Degan was murdered.

Mueller apparently thinks he is no less superior to the courts than Freeh thought he was. He needs to be reminded that he is a public servant and not a public master.

Update: Sebastian and the NRA-ILA have something to say as well. I overlooked them when I first made the post.


4 thoughts on “The director of the FBI and the courts

  1. Is this the transcript to which you refer?

    Opening Statement of Louis J. Freeh,
    Director Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Before the
    Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology, and Government Information
    Committee on the Judiciary
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C.

    October 19, 1995

    Ruby Ridge Hearing

  2. No. That is the same one I linked to in my post. It is Freeh’s prepared statement not the transcript of what was said after the statement was read.

    Thanks for trying to find it.

  3. Hey Joe,
    This is *slightly* off topic. When followed your link to the report on Ruby Ridge, I came across this line:

    Special Agent Horiuchi said he could not see Mrs. Weaver when he took the second shot and that he had no reason to believe that she was standing there. The shot that killed Mrs. Weaver was not even fired at or into the cabin; it travelled on a path parallel to the cabin.

    I have always wondered how a shot could be fired PARALLEL to a target and yet still hit it.

    CAn you or anyone explain it to me??

    Again sorry for being off topic.


  4. Sam, the way I read most of Freeh’s statement is that it is weasel words. He is trying to protect himself and his men. The facts and physics are unimportant. Freeh and many others in the FBI and U.S. Marshall Office should have been thrown in jail for their actions.

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