I never been called this before:

Joe Huffman, the full-throated Second Amendment activist

For some reason that brings to mind “deep throat” and there is no version of that phrase that applies to me. Particularly in the context of the Pink Pistols as was the case in this post.

It must be something new. The rest of the post was nice. I think it was a compliment.


3 thoughts on “Full-throated?

  1. Means “loud’n’proud,” man. Running Boomershoot makes you a little *extra* loud, that’s all.

    Thanks for noticing.

  2. As in a “booming voice”?

    I knew it was intending in a nice way I just wanted to twist it a little bit to give me the opportunity to make a joke or two.

    And thanks to you for the link to my post on the Pink Pistols.

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