News from Israel. The Anatomy of a Ceasefire

From our friend Howard in Israel, we get news.

What really is a tactical ceasefire?
I’ll answer my own question.
It is a 1,000% increased police presence downtown for fear of Hamas terror shifting from Gaza to Israel proper.  Of course we cannot hit back at Hamas in Gaza if there is an attack, say in Jerusalem.  Hitting back would violate the ceasefire.
Now armed terrorists are on the Gaza border, literally next to the fence building defensive positions and planting explosives. Prior to 06:00 a terrorist near the border would be shot.

At 06:00 the ceasefire took effect, thus giving Hamas a chance to regroup, rearm, and entrench in preparation for their next string of attacks.  Meanwhile, the missiles have been coming in daily.  Imagine what we would do if, say, the Canadian government had been launching daily missile attacks into the U.S. for the last several years.

“Why can’t we all just get along?” you might ask.  Answer; because we’re unwilling to face the fact that some people have no interest in getting along.  When we try to get along with them, we’re encouraging them to take advantage of our weakness as they will see it.  There should be peace talks alright, after the enemy has been defeated beyond all hope.  The “peace talks” that actually amount to peace are the ones that take place as part of the surrender agreement.  It’s all been said before of course, but the True Believers in Washington will discount it as the ravings of the unfaithful.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance” seems to be the motto of the day, borrowing a lyric from John & Yoko.  This form of “giving peace a chance” is in reality nothing more than “giving the enemy a chance” to kill you.