Quote of the day–Mark Lawson

…the only solution is to try to drive knives from society. Already, stop-and-search squads have been put on the streets of London in a version of the contentious old “sus” laws. This, at least, is something practical that can be attempted: there is no good reason to carry blades.

Mark Lawson
May 16 2008
Weapons we can’t handle
[This is the path the anti-gun people want us to take. This is the future if the anti-gun bigots are allowed to succeed.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Mark Lawson

  1. Just more of the same ineffectual stuff. Although, this time it will make the difference. I think even those who believe this guff in the UK are beginning to think that there may be something up. Never mind the politicians have done their bit.

  2. I do wonder how far they will get before it get so absurd that even the ones with mental problems catch on to the fact that you can’t eliminate all weapons.

    Will they try to ban rocks and sticks? Some sick form of hobbling so people can not punch or kick? Tooth control? We can not have people biting each other, after all. Background checks to get dentures after children are forced to have their teeth removed? Just think how terrible the danger is to have minors with teeth?

    It truly is insanity. Did we not have places to keep these people in the past? When did we stop?

  3. Incredible foolishness. And the idiot doesn’t even know his own land’s history:

    …there is one habit the UK has resisted: the easy availability of guns.

    There once was a day in the UK when a pocket pistol was apropos for a well-dressed and prepared man.

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