Bloomberg is an ignorant bigot

An article by Joseph P. Tartaro (who I saw at the NRA Convention but didn’t talk to) spells out what many of us have suspected. Bloomberg is an ignorant anti-gun bigot and beyond that is willfully ignorant:

NSSF noted that perhaps the mayor’s insults stems from his self-professed ignorance of our nation’s firearms laws and regulations, business practices of firearms retailers and the duties of the ATF. “I don’t know what the law is and what procedures are,” responded the mayor to a deposition question on illegally purchased firearms, NSSF quoted him. “I have no knowledge of what appropriate safeguards are for a dealer to comply with the law or what standard practices are in the arms business,” they quoted him.

In the same deposition Mr. Bloomberg admitted he did not know that ATF conducted inspections of firearms retailers. “I didn’t even know they had inspections,” the bewildered mayor offered and Bloomberg also noted that he did not know what a Federal Firearms Transaction Record, commonly known as a Form 4473 was or a NICS background check.


One thought on “Bloomberg is an ignorant bigot

  1. Right– and the dog ate my homework, I forgot, I had a flat tire, my alarm didn’t go off, and my mom was sick. Besides that, I ran out of gas, there was a traffic accident, bad weather, a pipe broke in my basement, I had a sore throat, and besides that, I have this condition– I’m a pathological liar, and that’s a disease. A disease, I tell you, protected by the ADA…

    A “Willfully Ignorant Bigot” (hereinafter to be referred to as ‘WIB”) holding public office, translates to “criminal”.

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