Daughter banter

After our second child, Kim, was born I figured that was enough. One boy, one girl. Isn’t that enough? Barb wasn’t convinced and ultimately convinced me another child was a good idea. “We’re both smart”, she said. “And we make enough money to raise and educate our children well. Think of it as our gift to the world.” What can you say to something like that?

So Xenia is our gift to the world. A few days after Xenia was born I got a vasectomy and a number of years after that Barb had a hysterectomy. Xenia was our last gift of that type to the world.

The other day Xenia told Krystal (some random person Xenia knows) that our youngest child was our gift to the world.

Krystal: “What’s the return policy?”

Kim: “You can’t return clearance items.”

Xenia: “It was a closeout sale on Mom’s uterus. Everything must go.”