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The WA/BC border is one of the most significant entry pts for terrorist that our country has, as well as for illegal materials.

Canada is a significant staging ground for terrorists of all brands.

Besides building their own networks, all type of terrorists will use smuggling routes and the in-place smugglers themselves, to move people and materials.


As the masses sleep, we and our allies have prevented quite a few attacks bigger than Sept11. and probably hundreds of small ones. We CAN’t talk about them because doing so means the “journalists” and lawyers, etc. will know HOW we stopped the attacks and that tool will no longer be available. The only way to keep the evolutionary cycle in our favor is Operational Security of our techniques.

Greg Hamilton
March 24, 2008 2:48 PM
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[It’s an interesting dilemma. And it goes much further than what is obvious at first glance. If you were to arrest and prosecute them then only the first one or two attempts would be unsuccessful. The methods of detection would come out in the trial(s) making it much more likely subsequent attempts would work. So what can you do? Put a sack over their head and ship them Club Gitmo on a military plane in the middle of the night? Put a bullet in their head and feed them to the sharks and crabs? But what about due process? Yeah, they are terrorists. But what if President Obama declares the NRA to be a terrorist network? Do NRA members then get the same treatment?–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

  1. I commented on that thread but stopped since the discussion morphed passed the original point I was trying to make once I found a separate article on ferry surveillance.

    But I will circle back here.

    The original article referenced two incidents and provided an illogical false link:

    **A Terrorist was stopped on the US/Canada ferry system that turned out to be planning a year 2000 attack.

    **Police will not be shy asking people for proof of citizenship on the San Juan Ferry System.

    So far so good? Nope: not good. It was sloppy journalism. These two things involve ferries but that is all they involve. The ferry system that serves the San Juan Islands is not the same system that makes international runs such as the various routes that go to Victoria. Anybody who has used the Washington State Ferry System knows this. This was a poorly researched and reasoned article. A real researcher would have found the same article I did, with a simple Google query that revealed disturbing reports of suspicious people engaged in surveillance of the Washington ferries. That the Millennium Bomber was stopped at an international ferry crossing is an interesting factoid, but ultimately not directly associated with this surveillance except for the nearness of the border.

    As proponents of the right to self-defense, or, simply, the right to think for yourself and deal with the consequences, we need to put the kibosh on these types of associations. It is the same type of bad logic that says, “Guns can harm people” to “Guns are bad”. Guns are not bad they are inanimate objects. Some people are bad, and a gun can be used against a bad person.

    We need to call out crappy journalism like this whenever we find it in an on-line forum, so people using the internets until the end of time can reference it.

    We need to demand more from our journalists. I give that reporter a D.

    We need to call out the bloggers and posters who fall into the same pattern.

    We need to remove our tolerance for these types of false statements in our daily lives. All too often, for the sake of politeness, we lose a bit of our brain one groupthink false inference at a time.

  2. OK, I’m calling out NBC for everything they aired all morning today.

    The problem is; most journalists are on a mission. They don’t want to get it right. They want to alter society in their desired direction, or to put it in their own words, they want to “make a difference”. You give them a “D”? They’ll take that to mean they’re doing something right, and they’ll give themselves an “A” and then commend each other for what Dan Rather refers to as “courage” or for “standing up to The Man”, etc..

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