Quote of the day–Anonymous

You have a right to your own opinions, but you don’t have a right to your own facts.

[I have found attributions to Churchill, read an instance where Bloomberg said that, and heard one radio personality attribute Daniel Moynihan. If someone has better results in finding the originator please let me know.

What I like about this quote is that it applies so well to many of the anti-gun bigots. Their sloppy thinking confuses opinions and facts in so many ways. A post demonstrating this is forthcoming.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Anonymous

  1. “I have a right to my own opinion” is one of the most oft-used retorts by Leftists, right after you’ve vaporized their silly assertions with the H-bomb of reason. The statement is an accusation, suggesting that you have attempted to deny them their right to an opinion. In effect, they’re saying you have no right to disagree with them, because in so doing you are denying them their rights. This is a redirection of the conversation, from one they’ve already lost to one they might be able to rescue (ignore and redirect). The most obvious reply to such a lame comeback, is of course your above quote. It’s no surprise that it would have several sources.

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