What were they thinking?

I thought everyone knew that self-defense was illegal in the U.K.

They should know they would get complaints if they came out with a product like this:

Gun control groups have condemned a new bullet-proof “hoody” which claims to protect against all bullets except those fired by high-velocity rifles.

Bladerunner, the London company which sells the £300 Defender hoodie, says it is responding to demand from undercover police officers and concerned parents.

Raymond Stevenson, a spokesman for Don’t Trigger, an international antigun campaign based in Brixton, London, said: “It’s not helping kids to provide them with bullet-proof armoury. and will encourage more aggressive behaviour.”


3 thoughts on “What were they thinking?

  1. Yes, like seatbelts encourage drivers to be more aggressive, helmets make motorcyclists more aggressive, and pencils cause misspelled words!


  2. If some poor yob gets his wrist sprained while trying to shove a knife through that jacket, the wearer is going to prison!

  3. Just wonderful. You’re not allowed to own a handgun at all, let alone carry for self-defense, and even having protective clothing is bad. Damn.

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