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The idea that the only way we think we can make a safer, better society is for everyone to carry a gun is incredibly sad. It’s also individualistic–the answer to racism, rape, and gay bashing is to carry a gun, not have any form of social organizing.

January 10, 2008 10:48 PM
Comment in Equal Opportunity Gun Ownership
[This is very revealing of their mindset. Apparently “social organizing” makes individual responsibility obsolete and justifiably deprives all individuals of the right to defend their lives. The collective is to defend the members it deems worthy of defensive. And of course we know how that works out. The “leaders” get their armed guards and the ordinary individual gets a dysfunctional and corrupt police system. The issues is that in the U.S. the elected officials are supposed to be “public servants” not “leaders”. When the government successfully claims a monopoly on the use of force they have dropped all pretense of being “public servants” or “leaders” and have declared themselves to be “rulers”.

Although Gwen didn’t make the blog post she was commenting on she is a co-editor of the blog.

As Kevin pointed out “everyone” is blogging about this post and the comments. It was the source of my own QOTD yesterday.–Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Gwen

  1. “…for everyone to carry a gun is incredibly sad.”

    This represents another of the mantras of the anti. They’re implying that what we in the pro freedom camp are advocating is akin to passing out guns to all students upon registration at a university, for example (“here’s your dorm key, your 9 mm pistol and sixteen boxes of ammo. The shooting gallery is, well, pretty much the whole campus. Have a nice day”) or requiring everyone to pack a concealed pistol, and so on.

    Uh, no.

    We want to protect the right of free citizens to make their own decisions. You don’t want a gun? You don’t like guns? That’s perfectly acceptable. I won’t force my decisions on you, and in return you can allow me the same level of respect when I decide I want to carry. That’s how we can “all just get along.” I don’t initiate force against you, and you don’t initiate force against me. What a concept!

    Another way to translate the quote above is “…for everyone to have the right to choose is incredibly sad. Other people are dumb. I know best and should therefore be able to force my ideas on everyone. Freedom be damned– people haven’t shown enough good sense to be free, and that’s pissing me off.”

  2. I am going to pass that web site on to every lady and others that I know. It is a very powerful statement. I have had people say to me they would never carry or use a gun no matter what and that is their right. It is also my right to not come to their defense if they ever need me, as I do not believe it would be appreciated, even from some members of my own family.

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