Quote of the day–Sally Ack-Ack

We’ve been waiting for this one a long time. The steps have been slow and incremental, but now, thanks to this judicious and far-sighted law, we can finally take full advantage of the Second Amendment rights guaranteed us under the United States Constitution. No longer will we have to become a convenience store owner or an elementary school teacher just to get our mitts on some of this tasty ordnance.

Sally Ack-Ack
Spokesman for the NWMDA (National Weapons of Mass Destruction Association, formerly known as the NRA).
October 9, 2021
Tactical Nuclear Weapons Approved for American Consumers
[I suspected “Sally Ack-Ack” was actually an alias for Ashley Varner at the NRA working on plans for a post Heller world. I sent an email and got a response that neither confirmed or denied:

Hey, at least they finally got the quote right! It’s “guaranteed by the Constitution,” NOT GRANTED!

Cool! Just wait until I upgrade Boomershoot to the new ordnance.–Joe]