Quote of the day–Alan Korwin

The level of intensity in that courtroom defies description. The brain power those nine people brought to bear, on top of the months of prep from the litigants, was exhausting. Any more time than we spent would have been overwhelming. It’s a good thing it’s kept to an hour (and this case ran 38 minutes long, quite rare). You just fit everything in, then declare an ending.

Alan Korwin
March 20, 2008
D.C. v. Heller Eyewitness Report — Analysis 1
[I wasn’t there but the intensity comes through loud and clear from all the reports I’ve read and listened to. I was surprised at the extent of understanding of the issue. From English common law to the problems with trigger locks the justices were prepped as well or better than anyone I have ever met. To stand in front of the and defend a position would be very, very intense.–Joe]