Contributions by everyone

The day before yesterday I wrote about others contributing to and being a part of history in the Heller case. Certainly the participants in that battle did some really heavy lifting and deserve credit for it. I’m also hearing some of them say encouraging words to the effect that they couldn’t have done it alone. That all the decades of activism on the part of the grass roots and enabled them attempt lopping off the head of the beast yesterday.

Listen to what Dave Kopel says.

Ashley Varner at NRA-ILA sent me this in an email after I told her to tend to important things and not to worry about answering my email right away:

I must kindly take issue with your last email. Don’t say you are unimportant — if I were to believe the Brady Campaign claims, we are all a part of the Triangle of Death and each of our different roles are important to the cause of pissing off anti-gunners, educating the mass of gun owners, inspiring others to join the fight and above all, preserving liberty for our future generations. 🙂

I have two “take aways” (Is that in common usage? Or is that just a Microsoft thing?) from this:

  1. The big hitters in our political game (a game of life and death!) are gracious.
  2. A contribution even at the very lowest levels make a difference so don’t think you can’t or don’t help by getting involved.