Aren’t They Going to Hate it

What if DC citizens get to exercise their right to keep a functional, loaded firearm in the home for self defense, and the crime rate drops?  What if at some point DC gets legal concealed carry, and crime rates drop even more?

Won’t the antis just hate that?

Yes, I think it is reasonable to assume they would see that as a defeat and absolutely hate it (it’s exactly how they viewed all other defeats, where crime has dropped after a new concealed carry shall-issue law) which points to the utter depravity of these people, and the lie they’ve been telling us when they claim that what they’re doing is about “safety“.


5 thoughts on “Aren’t They Going to Hate it

  1. I haven’t had time to post proper responses, but I want you folks — especially Joe — to know that I think your coverage of the case has been great. Thanks much!

    Unfortunately, I’m not holding my breath. The “right to own a gun” is just the tip of the iceberg, and unfortunately the heads of many of the bureaucracies have seen fit to make the legal process as hostile as possible for the defender.

    If DC does concede, the city isn’t likely to see a flood of armed Citizens or any type of cooperation from the powers that be — and I don’t take permits-issued as any measurement of who actually carries.

  2. I agree, but I also don’t think a “flood” of armed citizens is required to have a noticeable chilling effect on criminals in general. Carrying outside the home being a separate issue.

    The mere fact that citizens may be legally armed will not go unnoticed or unheeded.

  3. TJH,

    I look at it as a cascading effect. The leak in the damn. The first drops before the flood. A positive ruling for us (us constituting what I consider ‘normal’ sane people) is not only the start of a very large ball rolling down hill, but a complete and total affirmation of the continuing irrelevance of institutionalized main-stream media.

    Think about it. It’s not just guns going on here. It’s something really really big.

  4. I just wanted to point out that a win for us equals less crime, which in turn equals annoyed anti-gun bigots. They will actually want more crime in DC if the ruling goes our way, and they will be pissed and see it as a defeat if they don’t get more crime.

    When America wins, the bigots lose and they get even more crazy. That’s all. Carry on.

  5. There is an issue that some of those with shorter memories or a shorter history of gun rights activism might not be aware of. In the mid-1990’s the NRA got a special program through Congress for the Feds to crackdown hard on felons with guns in certain high crime areas. I think it was Philly, I’m not sure, but just as the FBI and prosecutors were ramping up on it Janet Reno announced that the DOJ was investigating that same city for not fully reporting the crime to the FBI. In a sense she was right to demand that. There was a lot of talk, nationwide, about the FBI crime stats not being accurate. All the reporting is voluntary and the politicians in the high crime cities and states would fail to report all the crime. This makes a lot of political sense–when the next FBI crime report came out they could claim they had done their jobs and/or kept their promises to reduce crime and/or it was safe for the tourists again. The actual hadn’t gone down, just less crime was reported. This also shows up when the police tell the crime victim to “call your insurance company” and don’t take a report (this happened to my wife’s sister when their house was burgled).

    The problem was Reno only attacked the one city for failure to properly report. She cracked down on the one city the NRA was trying to demonstrate you can decrease crime without banning guns. Hence the real drop in crime was masked by increased reporting.

    Expect the similar things in D.C. They might tell the cops to just go eat donuts and not both to even respond to 911 calls. They might inflate the crime reports. Who knows what they might do. But I think it will be very unlikely they will allow the truth about the effects of allowing individuals to defend themselves. They simply cannot allow their delusions to be dispelled. They have too much invested in their false prophecies. And if you read this brief you know the type of corruption I’m suggesting is smalltime compared to what they have been doing for years.

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