Quote of the day–Stefan Bijan Tahmassebi

Many of the proponents of gun control have commented on the need to restrict other constitutionally guaranteed rights in order to enforce gun control or prohibition laws. A federal appellate judge urged the abandonment of the exclusionary rule in order to better enforce gun control laws. Malcolm Wilkey, Why Suppress Valid Evidence?, Wall Street J., Oct. 7, 1977 at 14. A police inspector called for a “reinterpretation” of the Fourth Amendment to allow police to assault strategically located streets, round up pedestrians en masse, and herd them through portable, airport-type gun detection machines. Detroit Free Press, Jan. 26, 1977, at 4. Prominent gun control advocates have flatly stated that “there can be no right to privacy in regard to armament,” Norville Morris and Gordon Hawkins, The Honest Politician’s Guide to Crime Control (1970).

Stefan Bijan Tahmassebi
February 2008
Brief of Amicus Curiae Congress of Racial Equality in Support of Respondent
[Only three more days until oral arguments.

These aren’t the only outrages documented in the brief. Most of the others were familiar to me such as the laws enacted and enforced explicitly for the purposes of suppressing Italians (the Sullivan Act), blacks, and other minorities and enabling the Klan and other bigots.

To those that would say gun control doesn’t mean encroaching on other guaranteed rights please remind them of the exceptions carved out of the Bill of Rights for the “wars” on drugs and terror.–Joe]