Idaho politics

Fellow Lewiston Gun Club and IPSC/Steel/etc shooter Mike Brown has been working on strengthening the gun owner protections in Idaho. Technically Idaho already has a range protection law but it turns out it is essentially made of tissue paper and the anti-gun people can drive VW Micro Buses right through it.

Here is Mike’s latest report. 

What interests me is the politics involved:

All of the concerns raised were red herrings (for instance: the police department won’t be able to tell the cops which guns they can carry) planted to give cover to closeted anti-gunners who want to vote against freedom!

They find excuses, no matter how flimsy and transparent, to avoid being open and honest about their motivations. One law enforcement person told Mike he was 110% behind the proposed law. Currently the county limits them to four night training exercises per year and they must be done by 10:00 PM. The proposed law will overthrow that restriction and be very unpopular with the “furry liberals” as the LEO called them.

If you are a voter in Idaho please sign up for the alerts Mike sends out and contact your representative when he asks for your help.