Quote of the day–Peter J. Ferrara

Of course, we also urge the Court to reject the invitation of Petitioners to read a fundamental Constitutional right stated in plain English in the text out of the Constitution altogether. The American people can read, and they can see that unlike some of the other rights found by the Court on the basis of complex reasoning, the Constitutional text forthrightly promises that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” No amount of artful linguistic acrobatics or fanciful historical tales can rub those plain words out of the text. We respectfully submit that the rights clearly stated in The Bill of Rights should be read broadly and vigorously enforced, rather than minimized to suit a particular ideology.

Peter J. Ferrara
February 2008
Amicus curiae brief of the American Civil Rights Union in support of respondents.
[Only nine more days until oral arguments.–Joe]