Whatever works

In the U.K. the handguns were the object considered most important to ban as is generally the case in the U.S. However, in Australia they took the long guns first. But not wanting to show favoritism the Australia politicians are now demonizing handguns. And of course little things like facts are no obstacle to the anti-gun bigots:

“We need the same restrictions on handguns, automatic handguns, that the Howard government implemented on long guns after the Port Arthur massacre (in Tasmania) in 1996.”

Automatic handguns were effectively machine guns and should be withdrawn from public availability, Senator Brown said.

I’m reminded of Goldilocks Gun Control (another version of the same story is here). But really, it’s whatever works for them politically at the time. The only thing that is consistent is they they want more and more restrictions. There is never going to be a gun that is “just right” for people to have.


One thought on “Whatever works

  1. I have to disagree. There is a gun they will let you have. . . . it is one that don’t work. . . . except in the UK, they want them too. . .

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