1 thought on “Works for me

  1. “Course, one could say, “I love my country, therefore I hate John McCain”.

    The there’d be, “I hate (fill in Democrat candidate here) more than I hate John McCain”.

    I’d go more with the latter as it more accurately describes the situation in which we find ourselves as voters. Lesser of the evils, and all.

    Fact is, Dubya is closer to being the modern incarnation of JFK than any of the current Democrats except Joe Lieberman, and they kicked Lieberman out of their party. So now we have a Republican Party that’s the same as the Democrats of old (and McCain is to the Left of it).

    If you ascribe to the “frog in the pot” construct, then it would be the self-described ‘Conservatives’ (who aren’t) that are the most destructive in the long run. Taking the lesser of the evils in that case would mean picking the most outrageous Marxist on the ballot. Excellent choices there abound.

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