We got their attention

Mike Brown and I have been talking about this bill for months. He wrote it and I helped with the website and blog. Last week it was introduced. It appears we have got someone’s attention.

From the University of Idaho:

From: asui@uidaho.edu
To: students-list@uidaho.edu
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 08:24:23 -0800
Subject: Senate Bill 1381 Allowing students with concealed weapons permits to campus

Dear Vandal,

In case you have not heard, the Idaho State Senate is considering Senate
Bill 1381.  If this bill passes, it will allow individuals with concealed
weapons permits to carry their firearms on campus after notifying proper
university authorities.  Because this bill has the potential to affect every
student at the university the ASUI has decided to put together a discussion
panel where students can learn more, ask questions, and state their stance
on this piece of legislation.  This is a great opportunity to engage in the
political process.  After the panel, you will have an opportunity to write
letters to state legislators supporting or opposing SB 1381.

Here is a link to the actual bill text:

What: Senate Bill 1381 Allowing students with concealed weapons permits to
carry firearms on campus
Where: Renfrew Hall Room 111
When: Wed. Feb 13th, 2008 from 4:00-5:30 PM



ASUI and the ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action

3 thoughts on “We got their attention

  1. You may not be aware of another bill introduced in the Idaho Senate that is the first in Idaho to impose gun restrictions on private companies. Under the guise of health standards, a daycare bill prohibits guns in commercial daycares, and requires that all guns be unloaded and locked away in home daycares:

    Senate Bill No. 1376

    (11) Firearms or weapons are not permitted on daycare facility premises
    that operate in nonresidential buildings. Firearms or weapons on the premises
    of daycare facilities that operate in the licensee’s residence must be stored,
    unloaded, in a locked storage cabinet that is inaccessible to children;

  2. I love this. I am currently a student at University of Idaho and this bill is causing some waves locally. Moscow Idaho and UofI are Blue in a sea of Red (as I saw on a Subaru bumper sticker). I get the feeling that the liberals here are treating this bill as Berkeley is treating the Marines.
    Every level headed argument for concealed carry that everyone has heard is running through my mind but we all know, so I hope and pray this bill passes.

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