Second Amendment Blog Bash

May 16-18 is the NRA convention and the Second Amendment Blog Bash in Louisville. Initially I said I would wait and think about it until April or so. Uncle told me to make my reservations then cancel later if I decided to because the hotels fill up quickly.

I procrastinated* for a month or so and Kevin started asking if I was going. I talked to Barb and we decided if she didn’t have to work that weekend we would go. I looked it up on the calendar and found out she had to work and couldn’t go. So told Kevin no and dropped it.

Last week Barb said she wanted some time with her sister in California. I prefer to avoid repressive regimes** so Barb suggested she would go to California sometime and and I could go to Louisville.

I just finished making my reservations. I got a non-smoking King bed at Red Roof for $55.50/night (Fri and Sat, Thu and Sun it’s $45/night). Most of our group is staying at the Executive Inn but it is full. Red Roof is about two miles from the Executive Inn and Convention Center so I rented a car. I’ll willing to give people rides if you want to stay at Red Roof or the Super 8 next door.

See you in Louisville!

* Xenia, this is not justification for you to indulge yourself in the bad habit you inherited from me.
** Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, not Barb’s sister.


3 thoughts on “Second Amendment Blog Bash

  1. Fantastic! I was worried I’d have to wait for some magical year when I could make it to a boomershoot to meet you!

    See you there!

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