One thought on “Quote of the day–Winston Churchill

  1. And on that note; I heard on Fox News this morning that 25% of “Britons” interviewed believed Churchill a fictional character. (I suppose an equal or higher number, then, would believe the Holocaust to be fiction as well) Also, 25%, by chance, believed Sherlock Holmes was a real person.

    I believe that the education system in the UK is destroying the U.K. (at least I have the above evidence). Now I wonder how many people in the U.S. believe George Washington or Thomas Jefferson to be fictional characters. Certainly, quite a few believe in man-made global warming without a shred of evidence, and in socialism as a solution to something (yet most of the same people would be unable to define socialism accurately) so it would seem that our education system is no better.

    And WC was right of course– democracy is not, and never has been, the path to Liberty. That’s why so many anti-democratic features were incorporated into our Constitution.

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