Political actors?

I think there is a little bit of projection going on here:

Politics also factors heavily into D.C. v. Heller, according to Henigan.

He said some state attorneys general — who are elected in 43 states — likely sided with Heller as a way to show constituents they support an individual-rights reading of the Second Amendment, even as they seek to preserve their own state statutes regulating guns.

“These are political actors. They don’t want to appear to be endorsing a handgun ban,” Henigan said.

We know this guy

As you should already know:

The ATF Special Agent doing the talking in this video about Cavalry Arms is no stranger:

I’ve blogged about him before.

His cell phone number and email, as of last month, are 602-859-6317 and Thomas.mangan@atf.gov.

Here are some other times he has appeared in the news and what he said:

”These are, quite frankly, weapons of war,” ATF special agent Tom Mangan said as he picked up an assault rifle and examined it. “These are military-type weapons. This is firepower you would expect to see on the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Agents said Thursday they found the 42 weapons in a storage locker about 10 days ago. The guns were worth $250,000 in all: Belgian-made ”FN” handguns, semiautomatic AK-47 rifles and other pistols. They also found four olive boxes loaded with .50-caliber bullets – ammunition that’s big enough to take out an airplane.

”The type of firepower you’re seeing here is on the increase,” he said. ”You’re seeing sophisticated weapons, military weapons, assault-type weapons, assault pistols, very expensive pistols. This level of fire power gives criminals options they haven’t had before.”

Put him on your list of people to be charged with violation of 18 USC 242.

Quote of the day–Gun Guys

If we could reverse history and engage the gun lobby back when they started their cynical campaign to convince Americans they have a “right to own guns” then our politics would certainly be in a different place. But it’s too late now and the gun lobby’s well-armed genie is out of the bottle.

Mike of Gun Guys
February 29, 2008
In-Depth Commentary: Candidates Quiet On Gun Issues
[Never mind that he is wrong about individuals having the right to keep and bear arms. What is more important is that he (and gun grabbers in general) are giving up on this battle and focusing their attention on “reasonable restrictions” on that right. We need to finish off the individual rights campaign (Heller) and then engage and destroy them on the “reasonable restriction” front.–Joe]

What media bias?

ATF Seizes Weapons At Gun Warehouse and the talking head says:

It’s still not clear if the nature of the investigation is as serious as the evidence implies.

Except the only evidence is that the licensed gun dealer, Cavalry Arms Corporation, had guns in a warehouse which the ATF put out on tables to show the media.

The serious part of the evidence is the ATF and the media cooperated to demonize gun possession.

Quote of the day–Chairman Mao Ts-Tung

Our state is a people’s democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the worker-peasant alliance. What is this dictatorship for? Its first function is to suppress the reactionary classes and elements and those exploiters in our country who resist the socialist revolution, to suppress those who try to wreck our socialist construction, or in other words, to resolve the internal contradictions between ourselves and the enemy. For instance, to arrest, try and sentence certain counterrevolutionaries, and to deprive landlords and bureaucrat-capitalists of their right to vote and their freedom of speech for a specified period of time – all this comes within the scope of our dictatorship. To maintain public order and safeguard the interests of the people, it is likewise necessary to exercise dictatorship over embezzlers, swindlers, arsonists, murderers, criminal gangs and other scoundrels who seriously disrupt public order. The second function of this dictatorship is to protect our country from subversion and possible aggression by external enemies. In that event, it is the task of this dictatorship to resolve the external contradiction between ourselves and the enemy. The aim of this dictatorship is to protect all our people so that they can devote themselves to peaceful labour and build China into a socialist country with a modern industry, agriculture, science and culture.

Chairman Mao Ts-Tung
Little Red Book
On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People
(February 27, 1957), 1st pocket ed., pp. 6-7.
[Yeah, I’m a day late with this one. Does anyone even know how many people were murdered by this government whose aim was to “protect all our people” in the next 30 years after this proclamation was made? All dictators claim they are going to be benevolent and they will only crack down on the criminals. Of course then Ayn Rand’s line from Atlas Shrugged immediately comes to mind. Which is precisely the situation we have with gun laws today and under an Obama regime things will only get worse. And all in the pursuit of an Utopian vision of a discredited philosopher with very little real world experience on the subjects he wrote about and who died over 100 years ago.–Joe]

I wish

First, my opinions are not those of my employer.

Second, I point you to the article titled EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn.

Third, I bring your attention to a comment about the fine following the article:

Microsoft MUST be brought to account for its’ practice of dominating by exclusion. If the company, Microsoft, continues to practice in a manner which refuses to be competitive, then it should be excluded from the EU. Nicholas Carton, USA
Nicholas Carton, Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Fourth, my opinion:

If people only knew how much time and effort MS spends groveling and trying to please these socialist jerks…

I am sometimes (and this is one of those times) of the opinion MS should tell the EU, “Then do without any of our products. Not only will your languages not be supported but all future versions of our software will not run without having at least intermittent Internet access and will not run if said Internet path traverses any part of an EU country.”

But that’s an emotional response without looking at the cost/benefit numbers. Rational analysis will require looking out for the stockholders best interests on a number of fronts. I know such a response would allow competitors access to a cash cow as well as cutting off MS income from this source. I just can’t help wondering at what point the EU will push MS too far and the numbers no longer add up to continue trying to please the greedy socialists.

I wish MS were in a position to demonstrate to the EU they need MS more than MS needs them and had the courage to follow through on a very forceful demonstration of that.

Park carry minutia

Uncle pointed out the video testimony in the house on National Park carry. I find it interesting that a letter written over a year ago by a bigot at the Department of Interior was brought up and challenged.

That letter has been a topic of mine before (and here).

I hope she is feeling the heat. Bigots opposed to fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution have no place in our government.

Quote of the day–TJH

Let me get this straight…

The state wants me to pay a fee and ask me all kinds of personal questions to exercise a right…

The state wants to license every producer of firearms and require them to serial number everything they make, without room for error…

The state wants access to everyone’s police and medical records…

The state wants a record of every transaction where a firearm changes hands…

The state wants me to submit to training despite the fact that I had two decades of prior experience and no negligent discharge, much less a crime…

The state wants to dictate where I may carry a firearm…

The state wants to dictate how I transport a firearm…

The state wants me to inform them where and when I move anywhere in the country…

The state doesn’t trust me to report a theft, so they will automatically assume guilt if I don’t…

The state doesn’t trust me with certain types of firearms…

The state wants every bullet and case to have an identification…

The state doesn’t trust me to defend my life without violating someone else’s rights…

…and I’m the paranoid one?

February 26, 2008
In the comments to Bigot talk
[Imagine what the response would be if gays, Jews, blacks, etc. were required to adhere to such restrictions in order to exist in our country.–Joe]

Dave Barry and Boomershoot 2008

Stephanie, of Boomershoot fame, has been trying to get Dave Barry (yes, the Dave Barry) to attend Boomershoot 2008. To further entice him she offered to blow up a low-flow (or whatever they are called) toilet for him. She received a call from an assistant who told her that Mr. Barry was already committed for the weekend. Then we received a postcard from Mr. Barry a few days ago:

It turns out there is more than one Dave Barry in the world and we will have a Dave Barry attending Boomershoot 2008. But not nearly as many people know of him as the one from Miami.

Can bloggers make a difference?

Sometimes you might think you are just “preaching to the choir” and the people that can make a difference don’t listen no matter what you do.

Then there are other times when you think maybe someone in a position of power is paying attention:

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Domain Name   senate.gov ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address   156.33.24.# (U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms)
ISP   U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms
Continent  :  North America
Country  :  United States  (Facts)
State  :  District of Columbia
City  :  Washington
Lat/Long  :  38.9097, -77.0231 (Map)
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Bigot talk

You just have to shake your head at times. Some people are so bigoted it’s almost beyond belief:

Today, guns are generally preferred by paranoid sociopaths, cowards and vigilantes — as guns have become the implement of choice for the increasing numbers of street gangsters, criminals and domestic terrorists. The profuse abundance of guns and bullets (which is, of course, gained through a provision of capitalist profit in that area of industry) allows for the unhindered pursuit of their endeavors.


What the American people need to clearly understand is the U.S. Constitution is intended to disallow such an introduction of danger and fear into our society. The only way to right a wrong is with a right. The most basic civil right is that of being free from harm.

Today, we are assigned the important responsibility of instructing our representatives in government, to lead with measures which assure our safety and security. The current over-production and indiscriminate distribution of firearms and ammunition must be outlawed and the participants disengaged.

This guy, Mark S. Fuller of Gloucester Massachusetts, is an anti-capitalist, has extremely negative views of gun owners, as well as having no clue as to what a right is. The ignorance and bigotry are mind boggling.

Quote of the day–Megan McArdle

When the government controls your paycheck, your housing, and your ration card, it doesn’t need to put you in jail; you are in jail.

Megan McArdle
February 25, 2008
[I fear we are about to learn this lesson first hand.

H/T to Kirby for the email pointing this out.–Joe]

NRA’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2008

Official news release from the Apex of the Triangle of Death:

With an estimated 60,000 attendees and more than 400 exhibits, this year’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits promises to be among the best in NRA’s 137-year history. Leading firearm manufacturers will display the firearm industry’s latest products. Various hunting and shooting accessories, and an extensive private collection displayed by NRA-affiliated gun collector clubs, will fill acres of convention space.

NRA’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits provide a safe and fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. The ever-popular air rifle range is a top attention-grabber — both for participants and observers. NRA offers diverse presentations throughout the three-day convention, including methods of concealed carry; Refuse to Be a Victim® Seminars; hunting in Africa; and the Firearms Law Seminar. This year promises more Special Sessions for members and guests than ever before, and the most popular session, Methods of Concealed Carry, will be offered twice (on two different days).

I’m going to be there. Will you?

I wonder what German kids played with in 1939

Via an email from Jason (who says, “Makes losing your rights fun!”) I discover there are toys to “help children understand and be comfortable and confident in the need and process of higher security protocols”:

My guess is there were similar things for the slightly older kids of the Hitler Youth.

I’ve changed my mind on microstamped bullets

After doing some thinking on the topic of microstamped bullets I’ve changed my opinion. I was vehemently opposed and couldn’t imagine this would catch on. I was wrong on both accounts. I now think it is a great idea and I think it will do exceptionally well and will be accepted by the majority of shooters.

What I realized was the company pushing this (see Sebastian’s post) was trying to use a government mandate instead of the free market. Which, of course, is nearly always a recipe for disaster. They will get much greater market acceptance with a free market approach.

I think that there are a lot of people that would pay another penny per bullet for something like “Mist Maker” engraved on their Speer TNT bullets. I’d pay an extra $0.02 per bullet so I could load up 9mm jacketed hollow points inscribed with “Please Don’t Rape” for the women in my life to carry. In my case even at an extra $0.05 per bullet I’d order 1000 Berger .308 caliber 210 Grain Match VLD’s engraved with Μολὼν λαβέ.

Quote of the day–Pat Paulsen

Assuming that either the left wing or the right wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles.

Pat Paulsen
[With all due respect to Paulsen I think the more likely result would be a crash. I wish Paulsen were still alive and running for president this year. We could use the comic relief and perhaps even a viable alternative.–Joe]