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With the GP6, STI International, Inc. delivers a compact SA/DA polymer pistol which serves equally well either on or off duty. With its integrated tactical rails, it is equally suitable for Military, Law Enforcement or Civilian carry.

Built on a light weight, highly durable polymer (Polyamide GF 30) frame, the GP6 incorporates integrated tactical rails and textured side panels, front and rear straps. The GP6’s all steel slide is tri-topped with front and rear cocking serrations and features a fixed 3 dot sight system. The controls consist of ambi-thumb safeties, an ambi–slide release, firing pin safety, and a user configurable magazine release for equal ease of use in either right or left handed configuration. The barrel is 4.25” in length featuring an innovative rotational lock up system. Long term durability testing units have fired more than 110,000 shots without any change in internal geometry. The GP6 comes standard with a storage case, 2 magazines, and sight keys.

The GP6 is currently available exclusively in 9mm.

In competition I shoot a STI gun, I carry a STI gun and you should too.


4 thoughts on “STI GP6

  1. Well, honestly I find that to be a very unattractive gun, and that’s coming from a guy who carries a friggin’ Glock!

    Although, if I could actually afford it, an STI would be my next purchase for the reason you highlight.

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And even then beauty isn’t something in the top five of my selection criteria for a firearm.

  3. Like I said, I own a Glock, which is like a metal box. I like it because (and I am by NO means a Glock Fan Boy) the only safety is not pulling the trigger and when you do pull the trigger, it goes boom. Regardless of the situation.

    Function is much more important to me. I doubt a pretty pistol is going to increase effectiveness. I’d own an STI, even one that looked like this (not this one because I’m not a 9mm fan), if I could afford it.

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