Quote of the day–John Roush

This is a really bad idea. It would run counter to our tradition and the principles on which we operate our community.

John Roush
Centre College President
Campus gun bill is likely to die–Various officials oppose proposal
January 22, 2008
[Roush was referring to a bill that would allow people to bring guns onto college campuses — and use them if they were threatened. Yes, I suppose it would run counter to their principles. I suspect those principles are those espoused by Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Bunch, who in the same article said, “The colleges and universities are the ones who should be making the decision on how to keep people safe.” I wonder what those principles are exactly.

One of the following I suspect:

  • Sheep are supposed to obey their owners and only bleat whenever they are threatened with death or permanent injury.
  • The individual is of no concern to their society. Only the collective is important.
  • All people are considered of equal value. The predator has just as much right to not be harmed as the victim.
  • You are not authorized to make decisions for yourself. The Central Committee will make your decisions for you.

Regardless of the principles Roush and Helmke subscribe to they are at extreme odds to the principles I subscribe to and are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.–Joe]