It will always be a loophole

One would think that eventually they would figure it out when something isn’t working they would stop doing it. Nope. This is the U.K. and guns. All rational thought must be resisted.

Banning real guns didn’t solve their problem so now they are banning deactivated guns. What is a deactivated gun? From the BBC News:

Typically, a deactivated gun has its barrel sawn down the middle and a metal rod is then welded inside to make it incapable of discharging a bullet.

The breech block – which contains the mechanism to actually fire the bullet – is ground down so there is no firing pin.

Hmm… so these must be used in crime a lot in order to justify banning them. Wrong:

However, the most recent Home Office firearms figures from 2005/6 show that reactivated or deactivated firearms were used in just eight offences, out of a total of 11,084.

Reactivated handguns were used twice; deactivated firearms were used four times; and other reactivated firearms were used twice.

So what is going on here? As near as I can tell it’s mass insanity. Other links:

And of course the anti-gun bigots are pleased:

Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network said: “We are delighted. This has been on our agenda for a long time. It is a big loophole in our firearms legislation.”

When you hear the bigots in this country call the lack of a repressive gun law a “loophole” keep in mind there will always be a “loophole” for these people.