Quote of the day–Barack Obama

Our playgrounds have become battlegrounds. Our streets have become cemeteries. Our schools have become places to mourn the ones we’ve lost. I’m sick and tired of seeing our young people gunned down.

Think about that. At a time when we’re spending $275 million a day on a war overseas, we’re neglecting the war that’s being fought in our own streets.

We also have to recognize that part of the reason that guns are so deadly in our society and in our communities in particular is because we’ve got young men standing on the streets without anything else better to do than gangbang. We need to express our collective anger through collective action.

Barack Obama
Aug 5, 2007
Obama delivers message tough on guns
[I “like” the part about collective action. I think it’s very telling.–Joe]

1 thought on “Quote of the day–Barack Obama

  1. “I think it’s very telling.”

    It’s completely telling. Notice also that the gang bangers are not being blamed at all. We are being blamed. It’s our fault that those poor, misunderstood gangsters are “…standing on the streets without anything else better to do…” and we’re supposed to feel guilty about it. I’ll bow my head in shame and give up more of my freedom. OK I’m over the guilt– it lasted about three tenths of a millisecond. The American Left can have all the guilt– they built this mess and they should have their noses rubbed in it. (Too bad no Republican alive will say such a thing)

    Obama thinks that our country is so crappy that there’s nothing to do but commit violent crime. So, is he willing to fight for more school choice? Will he push for more law enforcement in lawless areas to clear out the gangs? Will he allow honest citizens their right to carry? Lower the capital gains tax rate to stimulate business investment? Is he willing to fight to lower payroll taxes and restrictions so more businesses can hire more people? Will he start his own school for these poor kids so they can have an education and a hope for their future? Will he teach them business and home economic skills? No, no, no, no, no, no and no. He’s just spewing the same socialist drivel that got us into this situation.

    He’s not even bothering to repackage the message (Americans’ freedom– guilty. Gangsters– victims). Maybe he figures there are enough committed socialists that he doesn’t need to disguise the message.

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