Quote of the day–E. B. White

Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one.

E. B. White
[While this may seem to be true I would have to see the actual numbers to believe it myself. I have known and worked with many people that qualify as genius in the I.Q. department. I suspect that the genius can see what others either cannot or do not want to see and ignores many societal conventions simply because they are superfluous. This gives the appearance of “cracked”. The non-genius wishes to either deny they are blind, and/or have their eyes closed, calls the genius “cracked” in an effort to bring the genius down to their level. Still, using the model as described above could be useful if for no other reason than you don’t reject the company or contribution of someone “a little strange”. Being in the company of genius can have it’s advantages and is perhaps worth putting up with a little strangeness.–Joe]