Quote of the day–Richard Pearson

By focusing on the non-issue of gun shops, Suffredin is conveniently ignoring the factor that has the greatest impact on violent crime rates. According to the Chicago Police Department, 88% of murderers and 76% of murder victims have previous criminal records. A reasonable person would likely ask why criminals are so likely to be either a perpetrator or a victim in a murder case. The answer is quite simple – the justice system is either unwilling or unable to rehabilitate these dangerous people. Federally-licensed gun shops are not the problem, the revolving door justice system is clearly at fault.

Suffredin’s long standing hatred of guns and the people who own them has clouded his ability to address the issues important to the citizens of Cook County. Thus, he is unqualified to serve as the State’s Attorney for Cook County.

Richard Pearson
December 3, 2007
Proposed Cook County Gun Control Ordinance a Case Study in Politically Motivated Deceit
[Clouded his ability? Yeah, so what else is new? Suffredin should be brought up on felony charges but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. We need to just keep working toward that goal. The bigots will get their just reward eventually. We are making great progress.–Joe]