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My QOTD and commentary got some attention from Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell. Sebastian also posted a comment on Miller’s blog with a link to my posting. That apparently got Miller to stop by for a visit:

[Update: I was wrong. It was someone else from New Jersey. Thanks to Sebastain for pointing out my error. I was able to verify Sebastian is correct. I didn’t think there were any progun people left in that state.]

[Update2:  I have deleted part of the orginal message at the request of the real visitor.]

Also of possible interest is it’s not the first time Miller came for a visit. Notice the referrals? He came to visit me from each of the following pro-gun blogs:

Did you see where he visited after reading about Ted Nugent’s “threat against Hillary and Obama”? And he specifically searched for my comments about him:

And that’s just what I can determine from my little outpost in an obscure corner of the Internet. Imagine what the total extent of his efforts on the topic must be. I find it difficult to believe him when in response to the Supreme Court granting cert in D.C. v. Heller, “For me, the announcement was a Ho Hum moment.”

Since he showed such an interest in my blog I paid him a little visit and left a comment in response to another pro-gun commenter, CavTrooper, who said we didn’t have any legal recourse against people publishing anti-gun propaganda:

Posted by JoeHuffman on 11/29/07 at 8:53PM

Actually we do have legal recourse. Miller and his ilk are engaged in a conspiracy against civil rights. Check out 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 for government employees acting under “the color of law”.

No actual harm need to have occurred. Just that they conspired to oppress, threaten, or intimidate us with unconstitutional laws. It’s no different than if they conspired to pass laws prohibiting people with dark colored skin from being outdoors during the night (Miller’s idealogical cousins might claim it’s a “reasonable restriction” because it’s too easy for dark skinned people to commit crimes in the dark).

We are a long way from getting Federal Prosecutors from enforcing 18 USC 241/242 in these cases but it took a long time for the KKK to be prosecuted also. Getting the Supreme court to explicitly state it is an individual right is the first step to seeing these bigots brought up on the felony charges they deserve. One step at a time…

Thanks for stopping by Bryan. Come back anytime. And don’t be shy about visiting in real life either. Boomershoot is a real blast.


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