Quote of the day–Lyle Keeney

Where there are grazers there will be predators. They said that on Discovery last night in a documentary on undersea micro environments. I think it applies to human society as well.

Lyle Keeney
November 26, 2007
In the comments.
[Yup. There probably are some thresholds due to family and tribal type bonds but as soon as you get a large enough population of “not us” available as prey the predators materialize. I don’t think the anti-gun bigots grasp that concept. It appears that they believe it’s the availability of weapons not the availability of prey that “creates” the predators.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Lyle Keeney

  1. It’s the “If the wolves had no fangs, they wouldn’t get hungry” mentality, just like “spoons cause obesity”. Honestly, these people shouldn’t be allowed to walk around without a security escort.

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