Breasts are getting larger in the U.K. Stores are introducing J-cup bras for the first time.

Not that I need a bra or anything.

And I prefer women to not wear bras, or even clothes for that matter. But I thought someone might find it interesting. Some guys are into the big breast thing. Even if I were I don’t think it is worth going to a repressive state like the U.K. for those sort of thrills.

3 thoughts on “J-cups

  1. Yeesh. DD’s are too big for most girls. They may be nice when they’re in their 20s, but eventually they become combination belly warmers / armpit filler. At that point, bras should be considered.

    Personally, I find proportion and shape to be more important than size. I’d have taken B-cups on a 100 pound girl over DDs any day in my dating years.

  2. I think of clothes as serving two purposes. 1) Protection from the elements; 2) Protection from getting arrested.

    If someone is shooting a gun that drops hot brass on them or you need protection from the recoil (shoulder pad or breast support, whatever) then I understand.

    In the bikini clad women with machine gun videos that got a little bit tweaked about it wasn’t an issue of the lack of clothing. It was about publishing a video that portrayed gun owners in a stereotypical sexist/exploitive manner. The video was about sexual titillation with guns as an excuse.

    If it had been a nudist club doing a group event with the entire family, as nudist clubs do, with the camera angles and points of focus associated with a family event of that nature I would have been just fine with it.

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