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The odds of my politicians destroying me depend precisely on whether or not my cabinet is stuffed with guns. It is very hard to impose their will on me by force when I have the means to resist by the same means. Every single totalitarian government and dictator throughout history without exception has only managed to acquire and hold their power by first disarming their subjects. Every. Single. One.

The Armed Canadian
October 23, 2007
#6 – On “Assault Weapons” and Control
[Other than a reference to a U.S. gun control law a link to one of my posts was the only other reference. I am honored–this post, while long, is profound. This blog is so new that the link to my blog didn’t show up on my radar. Ry sent me the link and I just now got around to reading the whole post. Thanks Ry and Armed Canadian.–Joe]


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  1. I’ll take “profound” as a high compliment, Joe. Thank you for the post and the quote.

    If you want to thank anyone, thank Kevin Baker. I can’t hold a candle to him when it comes to the issue of rights (and specifically with regard to gun rights).

    Others do far better than I on my little blog. As Say Uncle says “I do it for me, not you.”. I feel better getting the words written and being engaged. It is better than being a turnip and doing nothing. If I manage to get one person to stop and think, my minor efforts are worth it.

    aka Armed Canadian

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