The Frivolity of Evil

I stumbled upon a link while (mostly) lurking in the comments of Kevin’s post.

I may have read it sometime before. I seem to recall the name of the author, Theodore Dalrymple, and certain passages invoke a vague Deja Vu. If I have read it before and forgotten there is a good reason for it. It is very dark and invokes a mood of hopelessness in me. But it is a brutal reminder of why I fight to preserve the right to keep and bear arms and to oppose socialism in all it’s forms. And I thought Uncle had experienced sufficient contact with evil to adequately remind of this.

Read The Frivolity of Evil at the risk of losing your own mental well being. But vigorously insist that people that oppose freedom, who insist on victim disarmament or have even a hint of Marxism in their political leanings read it.

I won’t sleep well tonight, but I thank you Ed “What the” Heckman and Theodore Dalrymple.