Blog maintenance

I did some maintenance on my blog this morning. The live comment viewer is working now, or at least it was the last couple times I tried it. I can now edit posts and have the changes “stick” which they hadn’t been doing for the last couple weeks. Very annoying that last one. In order to edit a post I had to copy the .XML file for that day’s entry to my personal computer, using my “geek brain” edit the .XML post which was encoded within the day entry file, then copy the file back up to the blog server.

While I was messing around with it I thought I might as well update the blogroll to better reflect reality. There are other blogs I read fairly frequently but I only put blogs that I read every post nearly every day on my blogroll. I’m sort of a purist I guess. No offense to others that I read frequently but don’t have on the list. I just don’t have time for everyone that I would like to read and/or that link to me. If you link to me in a post I will read your post and I will monitor the comments to it for a while. And if you put me on your blogroll I will check you out for a few days but it’s going to be very rare that I am going to link to you just because you linked to me.

I know I messed up some RSS feeders as things were changing–at least mine was affected. Sorry about that.