U.K. wakes up?

Why didn’t they see it coming before realizing our sex lives are our own business?

But this suggestion from the government’s sisterhood also demonstrates the migration of individuals’ control over their lives to the state and beyond. As more power and decisions are passed to Europe – without our consent – so politicians have to find something to busy themselves with, and what better challenge than 60 million people who fornicate, drink to excess, smoke, eat too much salty and fatty food and harbour all sorts of antisocial and criminal intent?

This is a presumption of a historic scale and arrogance which is best seen in the systems set up under Tony Blair to scrutinise every movement, communication and transaction we make. But at least we now understand the extent of the takeover. According to a YouGov poll released with Liberty’s report ‘Overlooked: Surveillance and Personal Privacy in Britain’ last week, 60 per cent of us believe we live in a surveillance state and only one in five trusts the government to keep our personal details confidential. Unless controlled, a government of long standing is by nature leaky, incompetent and greedy for ever more power.

Although it is often true it is “better late than never” I just wonder that if in this case it is too late to avoid a disaster.

But at least they are seeing and saying the right things:

It is argued that we have the Data Protection Act and the information commissioner, but despite the latter’s agitation, nothing has stopped the 500,000 interceptions of private communication each year, the total surveillance of motorways, the building of the ID card data base, the creepy children’s database and expansion of the police DNA database.

The Canadian system hasn’t worked perfectly, especially since 9/11, but Canadians shudder at what is happening in the UK, at the abandon with which we allow government more and more control over our lives and our futures.

A revolution of thought needs to take place. The personal information of innocent people, their digital footprints, their movements, as well as the things consenting adults get up to must not be allowed to become the property of the state or the subject of regulation by a lot of po-faced, reformed dope-smokers who can think of little but the improvement of their fellow human beings.