Gun Blogger Rendezvous

Barb and I will be at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in October at Reno. We haven’t made our reservations yet but the vacation time is scheduled and currently the plan doesn’t have any obstacles.

This year I’m going to bring what I call my spud gun. It actually shoots 210 grain Berger VLDs at 2915 fps rather than Idaho’s famous vegetables. It was custom made by a gunsmith in Idaho and a friend of mine figured it couldn’t be as a good a rifle as the one made by Arnold Arms north of Seattle. I started referring to my rifle as my spud gun just to neutralize his criticism of my choice of gunsmiths. I could have the last laugh by reminding my friend of the tens of thousands of dollars he had invested in Arnold Arms–which he lost when they went bankrupt–but that would be cruel.