Quote of the day–Lethal Laws

The 1928 Law on Firearms and Ammunition accelerated the Nazis’ achievement of an iron grip on Germany:

  • registration lists enabled the Nazis quickly to revoke firearms permits from anyone they deemed unreliable;
  • Permitting procedures¬†under this “gun control” law doubtless had deterred many “reliable” persons from making the application.

Moreover, as the Nazis’ political clout grew – and as their violence grew – some of those who might have wanted to get a firearm may not have been able to do so. Those who felt threatened by the Nazis were the ones least likely to be deemed “reliable” by a police chief sensitive to the Nazis’ growing power.

Lethal Laws: Gun Control Is the Key to Genocide
Page 153
By: Jay Simkin, Aaron Zelman, and Alan M. Rice