I’m in the news

I sent an email to the reporter I had talked to a few times about my difficulties with PNNL with a link to my post saying I was dropping my lawsuit against the lab. He wrote a story which was published today.

Even with that post as a written reference the paper still managed to get a few things wrong.

  • The paper says, “Rather than argue about excessive personal use of lab computers, he chose to back down.”¬†Apparently the reporter doesn’t understand that if the lab did an investigation that concluded I had 13 gazillion terabytes of child porn on my work computer (they did not, but they did claim this picture was “adult content”) and my computer was actually squeaky clean I would not have a case unless the motive for the false report was for something like me being of the wrong race, religion, etc. They could be as incompetent as a retarded monkey taking a calculus exam (pretty good analogy to what actually happened) and I would not have had a case. No law or court demands they be competent in their investigation.
  • The paper says, “A former cyber security analyst…”. My actual title was “Senior Research Scientist II”.

Oh well. What do you expect?